The Best Theatres Near Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville, North Carolina is a small Southern city located in Henderson County. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and within driving distance of the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway (a must see if you have never visited the area), Hendersonville is not short on creative opportunities. This includes incredible local theatre houses with outstanding talent as the area is a huge draw for artistic types. You can also opt to stay in a Hendersonville B&B with a historic theme. Here are three standout theatres that can serve as the end (or intermission) to a busy day of outdoor activities or shopping for handcrafted items.

Flat Rock Playhouse (Mainstage)
Flat Rock Playhouse boasts two excellent locations, one being in downtown Hendersonville. After 65 seasons, it is a local favorite and the Mainstage location houses 506 auditorium-style seats, ensuring a great view of the stage no matter what your position in the theatre may be. Flat Rock Playhouse is a non-profit with one level entry and bathrooms with easy access. It features a variety of shows, so there is rarely a weekend without an available attraction.

Hendersonville Little Theatre (aka Hendersonville Community Theatre) 
This is a charming and small hometown community theatre with a brick-front, adding character to the adorable establishment. While the stage may be small, the locally reviewed “uniform seating” and “excellent acoustics”, coupled with outstanding talent, make it an unforgettable experience. The theatre offers a variety of plays, from seasonal to comedy to classics, and alternates between mainstage and second stage shows, leaving very few empty weekends on their schedule.

The Brevard Little Theatre (BLT) 
This non-profit theatre is a 30-minute drive from Hendersonville, but it is well worth the scenery and white squirrels found in Brevard. The theatre has a mission statement that fosters the artistic community in the area. With beautiful hardwood floors and a banquet-hall feel, it is sure to make for an exciting night out. The theatre features a raised stage and non-auditorium style seating, but the talent and heart of this theatre make it well worth not having a folding chair. Please note there may be a month or more in between shows, so check to see if you can catch a play on the weekend you are in Hendersonville.