Historical Spots to Visit Near Arlington, VT

Vermont may be small in size but there’s nothing small about its history. This New England state was a strategic outpost in early American history. Many of these historical landmarks have been carefully preserved so they can be enjoyed by travelers today.

Chimney Point State Historic Site
This historical site pre-dates the Revolutionary War. It dates back to the early settlement days when French and English settlers migrated into the area. Exhibits include an early post office and a British tavern.

Mount Independence Historic Site Visitor Center
This should be the first stop for anyone interested in Revolutionary war monuments. This museum features many artifacts from Mount Independence, which is one of the best preserved historical sites in America.

Bennington Monument
Not only is the Bennington Monument important to a strategic battle, but visitors can also ride to the top and view three states at once. The top floor gives beautiful views of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York state.

The Old Constitution House
This historic landmark features a new three-dimensional exhibit handcrafted by local students. The building itself was originally a tavern where Vermont’s Constitution was written in order to apply for statehood.

Presidential Homes
Vermont features homes of some former United States presidents and senators. Visitors can tour the homes of Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur as well as Senator John Morrill.

Maritime Exhibits
Lake Champlain is a historic waterway that offers adventure to history buffs. Divers can view shipwrecks that have been preserved underwater for hundreds of years.

Folk History
Norman Rockwell fans will love the Norman Rockwell Museum in Arlington. This contains many of his original prints as well as covers from the Saturday Evening Post. Many reproductions are for sale as well. If you stay at The Arlington Inn nearby during your trip, the museum is within walking distance.

Covered Bridges
Vermont is famous for romantic covered bridges. Arlington boasts the most famous and beautiful of these historic landmarks. The Arlington Green Covered Bridge presides over the Batten Kill River and was built in 1852.

Vermont also has beautiful scenic drives and bike trails. These, combined with its rich history make it one of the most sought after travel destinations in the United States. There truly is something for everyone there.